Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Akeboshi - Meet Along The Way (2007)

Sounds Like: Nostalgia, love and asia.
Genre: J-Pop, Folk

Review: If you've ever heard of Akeboshi then it was most likely because he sang the theme tune to the popular anime program Naruto with his song 'Wind'.
               If you liked that song then you'll definately love this album. There's nothing to impressive here and if you're looking for 'folk to shock' you best look elsewhere, maybe away from folk all together! This is just a nice album full of nice acoustic guitar accompanied by a variety of instruments. A personal highlight for me would be 'Yellow Bird', but there is not one bad song here.
              Give it a listen and I assure you, you won't regret it.

  1. "Sky In The Pond"
  2. "The Cliff"
  3. "Yellow Bird"
  4. "Broken bridge"
  5. "Seeds"
  6. "shadow of the wind"
  7. "Green eyes"
  8. "Village Stone"
  9. "Mercury is rising"
  10. "Diamond Dust"
  11. "coille gan crann"
  12. "Close my door"
  13. "Fukurou" (フクロウ Owl)


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