Monday, 13 June 2011

GG Allin - Carnival Of Excess (1991)

Similar Artists: Hanks Williams, Mojo Nixon

Rating: 7/10

Review: The closest GG Allin got to becoming a respected musician was here on this record. Rumor has it he was planning on leaving punk rock behind and becoming a country musician full time before he was so tragically taken away from us. GG Allin is a pitiful human being no one can deny that, but shit if he wasn't entertaining. He used to shit, rape, cut himself and fight people at his shows that he says people "entered at their own risk". Here on his one country effort we see a lighter side to GG, possibly the musician he could have been if his father wasn't a religious fanatic who believed his son was the reincarnation of Christ going so far to naming him "Jesus Christ Allen" at birth.

This is a great country album, there is the echo of all that's come before with lyrics like "My daddy was a powerful soul back in '56, my mother was a virgin when she first felt his prick, then on August 29th, baby Jesus Christ was born, an alien to the world, he was set out to destroy", you can see he's been damaged from his strange upbringing and the social isolation he had to put up with in school. But seriously who could blame them, would you like this guy to be your best friend, the person you confide in? I didn't think so.
But back to the record. This seems to be the only time ould GG ever really made a whole-hearted record and it works. If you're a fan of country then I'm sure you'll love it because it's up to the same standard of any other country record i've listened to before. Or if you're a GG fan (God forbid, the serious ones are really something special to meet) it's a must have. Check it out and comment, let me know what you think.


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