Saturday, 11 June 2011

Crass - Penis Envy (1981)

Genre: Anarcho-Punk, Post-punk, Art punk, Riot Grrl
Sounds Like: Conflict, Flux Of Pink Indians, Bikini Kill

Rating: 7.5/10

Review: I've always loved Crass, I think they're lyrics are incredible, they've got a great sound, the drumming almost sounds military and the art work that surrounds them almost makes them seem more like a movement than a band. I feel they've kinda pulled a Bob Dylan in the 60's as there lyrics are vague enough to remain relevent today because they don't particularly target anyone person or political part like so many other anarcho-punk bands of that time. I'd consider Penis Envy Crass's best album, despite the fact that their usual lead singer Steve Ignorant doesn't appear at all here. Instead the singing is all female which is a relief in punk with most of the vocal duties being taken on by Eve Libertine, with Joy De Vivre singer vocals on one other track "Health Surface".

Penis Envy is a heavy album. The album addressed feminist issues and once again attacked the institutions of 'the system' such as marriage and sexual repression. If you're a women this album should empower you and if you're a man it will make you want to castrate yourself and feel ashamed that you were ever born. The lyrics as always with Crass are amazing with "they'll teach her all the tricks, system, system, system. Create another victim for their greasy pricks" being one of my favourite to quote from the album. It has a more mainstream sound then most Crass stuff and the last track being unbelievably mainstream for Crass "Our Wedding" which was actually recorded as a hoax and a satire on love songs being described by the band themselves as "pure, unadulterated shit", is it wrong that I don't think it's half bad?

This is a great set of songs, check it out.

  1. "Bata Motel"
  2. "Systematic Death"
  3. "Poison in a Pretty Pill"
  4. "What the Fuck?"
  5. "Where Next Columbus?"
  6. "Berkertex Bribe"
  7. "Smother Love"
  8. "Health Surface"
  9. "Dry Weather"
  10. "Our Wedding"



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