Wednesday, 8 June 2011

John Galm - 11/22

Genre: Acoustic, Emo, Indie Folk
Sounds Like: Snowing, American Football, Paul Baribeau
Rating: 8/10

Review: This is a short acoustic EP (7 tracks) from John Galm the lead singer/songwriter for Snowing an emo band from Pannsylvania. The quality isn't great but take it from me it's a small price to pay.

This is what low fi is all about. Great songs, great lyrics, no production, just the songs, no more, no less. If legend is to be trusted here John Galm wrote, preformed, and recorded these songs all in one night. This isn't a record that was painstaking worked on for years and years by a long shot, but it's the rawness here that gives it it's charm.

My peronsal favourite part is the sister pieces "Satan" and "God" where Galm pours his heart out in messages writen to both the title people. "Dear Satan, I wish I had your number because I know mine is coming up".

Another great moment is the closer track "Buffalo" a bitter sweet song about love lost where Galm questions "Who will make me tea when you are gone?". The lyrics aren't shakespeare but they are honest and heartfelt and you really can feel it hear.

An honourable mention has to be his cover of the Ronettes classic "Be My Baby" which he somehow turned in to the most depressing song i've ever heard in my life, without even messing with it that much at all. It's this song that drew me this EP in the first place. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and i'm sure you will.


1. Ink Elephants
2. Kids In Catholic School
3. Be My Baby
4. Steamboats
5. Satan
6. God
7. Buffalo


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