Monday, 15 August 2011

Paul Baribeau - Unbearable (2010)

Who is Paul Baribeau?: Paul Baribeau is a folk singer on Plan-It-X records. He's been releasing stuff since 2004 and Unbearable is his newest record.

Genre?: Folk, Folk Punk, Anti-Folk, Singer/Songwriter

Who Does He Sound Like?: He reminds me as a more lightheart version of John Galm who's acoustic EP we've already reviewed on here. But the truth is that Paul Baribeau is a unique singer, it's rare to find someone so honest in their lyrics and who writes so simply and yet so beautifully, he's found a magic mix. But I guess his poetic nature and the beauty of his words remind me of Leonard Cohen.

And Why Should I Listen To This?:
  Absolute Punk magazine called Baribeau "the greatest living folk artist" and I think I might have to start to agree with them. Paul Baribeau is relatable, he's you. He's seems to still be lost in love and doesn't know what to do with his life, although I think if he stays in that mind frame he'll continue to write the kind of songs we have on here and then he won't have to change anything because his fan base will just continue to grow. I've picked this album to review because it's so crisp and clear and I know some people like the rawness of his previously releases but I think the high production value just lets you appriciate more how beautiful these songs are. I love every song on here. The opener "If I Knew" is perfect. But the song that gets me most on this album is the fifth track "Rolling Clouds", it's the song I wish I'd written. There's the old cliché about an artist that you really love, that you feel sometimes like there writting directly to you, like they know your life, that's how Paul Baribeau feels. He encapsulates the modern angst of this generation, a generation that has watched a little too much romantic comedies.


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