Friday, 10 June 2011

Best Friends Forever (2004)

Genre: Indie Pop, Progressive Pop
Sounds Like: Matty Pop Chart, Rosa, The Magnetic Fields

Rating: 7/10

Review: This is trio who are true to their name. You can sense the friendship between these muscians, mainly because most of the songs are about how deep their frienship runs, or and any other songs they're just goofing around in. It's not a deep record, but it is hilarious at points and it's incredibly refreshing to hear a talented band led by women (the drummer is a guy, but the two singers are lady ladies).

There are lots of great moments here but my personal favourite would be "Abe Lincoln" a love song written to you guest it, Abraham Lincoln, with lines like "I wouldn't have let you go to the theatre, we could have stayed home and eaten dinner" it's a song that will keep you smiling. Another song that I find heartmelting is "Together Forever" a song on friendship, it's simple but it's truely spectacular. I hope you check these guys out.


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