Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ten Great Songs Under 2 Minutes

I'm a big fan of the short song. You can replay it 100x times in a row, and don't have to wait through build-ups and bridges. But it's very hard to write a short song. It can't sound unfinished, or leave the listener wanting more.
Here are ten that do it right. If the youtube length is wrong, fuck off I'm basing this off Itunes length.

The Microphones - I Felt Your Shape

Behind all of the noise and distortion and weirdness lies one of the best songwriters around. This stripped down piece of magic is shoved between the noise of Samurai Sword. on The Glow Pt2. Barely hitting 2 minutes, it still feels fully formed.

Guided By Voices - A Good Flying Bird

Guided By Voices don't do long songs. On a GBV album, 2 minutes feels like 5. On this track, it sounds like it's being made up as it's going along. Instead of sounding half formed and lazy, it is instead fueled with the energy of creativity.

Magnetic Fields - Absolutely Cuckoo

The opener to one of the greatest love albums of all time starts with "don't fall in love with me". Here Merrit's black humor is in full swing, as he warns falling in love with him will drive him to misery. Oh and it's really really catchy and sweet.

Boards Of Canada - Over The Horizon Radar

I'v always though Boards Of Canada are overrated. Ambient for people who don't like ambient. This song stands over everything they've done though. A haunting childlike melody, rendered hurt and fractured.

Madvillian - Fancy Clown

One of the saddest hip-hop songs ever, Doom tells a tale of a cheating girlfriend, built on a Z.Z. Hill sample.

Andrew Jackson Jihad - I Am So Mad At You

This song about lost love is one of the most touching songs the band ever put to tape. The line "I will find you in someone else even if finding you in someone else is hard do to" still shakes me up.

Captain Chaos - Best Note Ever

I can't get through a Chaos album without rolling my eyes. I can't get through this song without feeling 13 and gloriously hopeful.

Neutral Milk Hotel - A Baby For Pree

Bizarre imagery, howling vocals, 4 chords, endlessly captivating. Yep it's Neutral Milk Hotel. But this is from On Avery Island, and it wasn't on album's of the 90's so you probably haven't listened. For shame.

The Beatles - From Me To You

You literally can't say anything new about The Beatles. You've probably heard this. Listen again.

Flying Lotus - Nose Art

Is it IDM? Is it dubstep? No! It's one of the best electronica producers in music, here to save us from another fucking Shrillex or Deadmau5 album.

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