Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Theo Hilton, Toby Foster & Ryan Woods (2010)

This Isn't A Band, What Is This?: This is a collaboration between Theo Hilton (Nana Grizol, Defiance, Ohio) Ryan Woods (Defiance, Ohio, Pink Houses) and Toby Foster. It's not a split because they all work together on the songs, so I guess in a way it is a band, but lets not get bogged down in details.

And.....What Does It Sound Like?:
It's real upbeat folk. Does it really matter? You'll like it, trust me.

Ok, So You've Agreed Now and You'll Check It Out? Good. Now I'll Tell You What I Though Of It:
Toby takes lead vocals on the opener and the closer "Tennessee" and "Attraction" which are both songs about sextual oritenation and about just being who you are, I consider these two songs the most powerful on the record. These songs have some great lyrics in them that make you see how truely stupid homophobia really is:

"I was afraid for some stupid reason of what people would say,now I know that there's more to a person than a body part"

"I was on my lunch break, I almost started crying, ‘cause it really does get better if you wait, and there are times now when i still feel afraid, but gone are the times when I feel ashamed"

It's a short record with only 8 songs and non of them being over 3 minutes, but it's really good. The opener and closer are two big stand outs for me, but the other 6 songs are real gems aswell. Enjoy it! Comment and tell me what you thought.

Link: You can get this album from band camp. Name your price! Isn't that nice?

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