Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Angelo Badalamenti - Soundtrack from Twin Peaks (1990)

Genre: Soundtrack, Instrumental, Jazz, Ambient
Sounds Like: A flower or an animal leaving its den after a winter of hibernation....I don't know something beautiful anyways.

A bit of a strange one here, the soundtrack to the 90s American drama show Twin Peaks, if you've never seen the show think Desperate Housewifes except David Lynch is behind the steering wheel. Sounds great right? It really is. If you've watched the show you'll definately remember the intro a beautiful piece of music and film that really gives you a sense of the show, you can tell they'res more than meets the eye. The theme tune is a definate standout in my mind but it is not the only reason to listen to this album, every track is great with three of them being sung by the anazing dream pop singer Julee Cruise.

Angelo Badalamenti is a terrific composer and if you like this then you should also check out the other soundtracks he's done for Lynch films like Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive. This is a great piece of backround music or something to fall asleep too, definately not driving music, you'll get to enchanted by the haunting melodies and crash, AND THEN WHO WOULD READ THIS BLOG?

Check it out and comment!

Link: Music From Twin Peaks

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